• Reaping the benefits of the 10+ exam
    Reaping the benefits of the 10+ exam

    If you are considering putting your child forward for the 11+ grammar testing then you will understand the fierce competition and pressure these examinations can cause for 10 year olds and parents alike.

    The 11+ grammar tests follow the state Primary KS2 SATs, these SATs results are used to track your child’s progress, but they are also useful for teachers to compare how well each child is doing with their peers, both in their school and across the country. Teachers tend to put a lot of emphasis on the importance of these tests and last year it was reported that 27% of children were “stressed” about their SATs tests(source: ComRes).

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  • Avoiding the School Place Race
    Avoiding the School Place Race

    The new year marks a fresh frenzy of parents desperately trying to secure a place at the best school for their children, waiting in anticipation for state Secondary offer letters out 1st March and Primary offers out 18th April.

    In the UK we have become obsessed in securing a top state school place and the most popular schools have applicants of 10 or more for every available place. Parents are doing whatever it takes to get their children into their school of choice and at this time of year parents are riddled with anxiety, when did it become so competitive? I remember, like most parents, going to the nearby local school. Now it seems, the only foolproof method of guaranteeing a place is to move just a few feet away from the school! It is well-worth finding out your schools previous catchment area as certain factors can effect this distance every year, such as high birth rates and sibling intakes.

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