• Children’s Grief Awareness Week                       –                 Facing The Inevitable
    Children’s Grief Awareness Week – Facing The Inevitable

    “Nothing is certain except death and taxes” is probably one of the most famous quotes in the world. Written by Benjamin Franklin in a letter back in 1789, it still rings true over 200 hundred years later. However, despite the fact we all know we are mortal, in many ways as a society we are becoming less able to talk about the prospect.

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  • Securing your Child’s Future
    Securing your Child’s Future

    Correctly drafted wills are key to managing assets for the future financial security of your family and you should make sure they are regularly updated as your family grows and develops.

    With relation to young families, one aspect of will writing that often gets overlooked is the question of guardianship for children, should both parents pass away whilst the children are still legally classified as minors (generally under 18 years in this respect). If you do not appoint a guardian to look after your children and no other surviving parent with parental responsibility exists, then the family court will decide who to appoint as guardians for your children. This may very well not be someone your children know or are close to and could lead to disputes amongst your family.

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