• Entrance Exam Preparation – When To Begin?
    Entrance Exam Preparation – When To Begin?

    When your child is busy with homework and after-school activities it is tempting to wait until the last few months to concentrate on preparation for these tests – but this can be a mistake.

    Building familiarity takes time
    Despite all the stories about new tests that cannot be revised for, we are all aware that familiarity with a new subject or situation is the key to facing the challenge with confidence. Unsurprisingly, the 11+ and pre-tests are no different.

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  • St. Olave’s SET (Selective Eligibility Test)
    St. Olave’s SET (Selective Eligibility Test)

    The Parents association at St Olave’s Grammar School are organising a series of Familiarisation (Mock) Tests to give pupils a true experience of what the St. Olave’s SET will be like, both in terms of the school environment and the content.

    The format of the Familiarisation Tests will be identical to the real SET and personalised feedback will be provided to parents showing where their child was placed within the cohort. From this parents will be able to identify any areas in which their child may need support.

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  • Specialist Subject Teachers
    Specialist Subject Teachers

    Should I choose a preparatory school for my child? Do they really offer more than a local primary school? The answer to both of these questions is ‘Yes’.

    As their name suggests, the role of preparatory schools is to prepare your child for their entrance into senior education, so don’t be surprised to see a plethora of subjects on the curriculum. Your child will experience a well-rounded education albeit in a nurturing environment. Classes are significantly smaller, allowing all pupils to progress. Self-confidence is encouraged and children are constantly motivated to enjoy and embrace all the opportunities that arise within this positive learning environment.

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  • Prep and Secondary come together for an awe-inspiring concert
    Prep and Secondary come together for an awe-inspiring concert

    Schools join together to perform Requiem at Otford Church

    Russell House Chamber Choir joined with the senior choir and orchestra from Kent College Pembury in a stunning concert held first at St Bartholomew’s Church in Otford and then in the Countess of Wessex Theatre, Kent College.

    The concert, which was the first of such collaborations between the schools, was more remarkable since the performers from Russell House were part of a new Chamber Choir, formed just over a month before.

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