• Precision Decision
    Precision Decision

    Looking for a school to suit your child has never been easier, the Independent education sector offers such diversity – you are literally spoilt for choice.

    Independent schooling provides education from 3-19 years starting with Kindergarten, Prep, Senior then Sixth form, you can choose just one of these entry levels or with some schools go seamlessly through all four stages. The choices then extend to selective, non-selective, single sex or co-educated, small or large, urban or rural.

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  • Securing a better future
    Securing a better future

    “I’d love to, but we just can’t” is a common answer to the question “Would you send your children to a private school?”. Yet, sending your bright kids to an independent school is more achievable than you’d imagine.

    Decisions about children’s education are probably among the most important a parent will ever make. But independent education is an area wrapped up in myth and enigma that is shielding parents from the many options open to them. Independent school can often be dismissed out of hand as too expensive, too exclusive or too posh, but in reality it’s none of those. And the facts back it up. Time to bust a few myths.

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