• Making the Most of School Open Days
    Making the Most of School Open Days

    The BBC Parents’ website offers advice for ‘Making the Most of School Open Days.’ Amongst the top ten tips are ‘Find out about the lunch’ and ‘Pay attention to the pupils.’ Wise advice, no doubt, but nowhere is there any mention of the curriculum. The curriculum matters. What is actually taught, day in day out, in the classrooms of independent schools is a much more significant differentiator from the education offered in the state sector than imposing buildings or broad acres of rugby and hockey pitches.

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  • Nurturing the University Transition
    Nurturing the University Transition

    The move to university represents a major life change with all of the excitement, but also some of the worry, that change brings about. As you prepare to make that move, your A Level exams just around the corner and UCAS offers in mind, getting the grades is your main focus (and rightly so). Your grades become your passport to university, to a new way of learning and living, and to future career opportunities.

    This move, however, is about more than just the brown envelope in your hand on results day. It may be the first time you have lived away from home, dealing with the challenges that life throws up without your usual support network. With it will come a new set of opportunities: meeting and living with new people; making new friends; joining new clubs; and experiencing new ways of learning. It’s important, therefore, to think about using other skills that will prepare you for university life, to cope with new pressures and thrive in a different, academically challenging environment.

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  • Reaping the benefits of the 10+ exam
    Reaping the benefits of the 10+ exam

    If you are considering putting your child forward for the 11+ grammar testing then you will understand the fierce competition and pressure these examinations can cause for 10 year olds and parents alike.

    The 11+ grammar tests follow the state Primary KS2 SATs, these SATs results are used to track your child’s progress, but they are also useful for teachers to compare how well each child is doing with their peers, both in their school and across the country. Teachers tend to put a lot of emphasis on the importance of these tests and last year it was reported that 27% of children were “stressed” about their SATs tests(source: ComRes).

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  • Prep and Secondary come together for an awe-inspiring concert
    Prep and Secondary come together for an awe-inspiring concert

    Schools join together to perform Requiem at Otford Church

    Russell House Chamber Choir joined with the senior choir and orchestra from Kent College Pembury in a stunning concert held first at St Bartholomew’s Church in Otford and then in the Countess of Wessex Theatre, Kent College.

    The concert, which was the first of such collaborations between the schools, was more remarkable since the performers from Russell House were part of a new Chamber Choir, formed just over a month before.

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  • Successfully Steering Boys into University
    Successfully Steering Boys into University

    Last year, after the A-level results and University applications process was completed, UCAS issued a warning that weak demand for higher education among men was becoming more of a pressing issue than under-representation of youngsters from poor homes, with girls being a third more likely to enter university.

    The same complaints have been heard this year.

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