Reaping the benefits of the 10+ exam

Reaping the benefits of the 10+ exam

Reaping the benefits of the 10+ exam

If you are considering putting your child forward for the 11+ grammar testing then you will understand the fierce competition and pressure these examinations can cause for 10 year olds and parents alike.

The 11+ grammar tests follow the state Primary KS2 SATs, these SATs results are used to track your child’s progress, but they are also useful for teachers to compare how well each child is doing with their peers, both in their school and across the country. Teachers tend to put a lot of emphasis on the importance of these tests and last year it was reported that 27% of children were “stressed” about their SATs tests(source: ComRes).

By entering schools at Year 6, SATs are not required and you avoid the 11+ grammar testing pressure, allowing students to concentrate on widening their study and developing their enquiring minds.

Year 6’s often benefit from fewer students in the Junior year, particularly beneficial if previously within state education and making their transition to a new, and often bigger school, far less daunting.

Joining secondary education in Year 6, means parents know that their child will be at an advantage and challenged academically through intellectually demanding courses, taught by subject specialists, in well-resourced classrooms, laboratories, studios and workshops, helping to create stimulating learning environments.

Sports coaches and instructors are some of the finest in their fields, having achieved greatly in their chosen sports, and many having represented, and currently coaching their National teams.

The arts are also well catered for with amazing performance venues, outstanding teachers and masterclasses, and links with the world’s foremost orchestras and performers – allowing students opportunities to perform on some of the world’s ?best stages.

Within the independent education sector you are spoilt for choice with excellent Prep, Junior and Senior schools but few of the Senior schools offer the year 6 entry option.

Whitgift School and Trinity School in Croydon are one of the few schools who offer entry to their secondary education at Year 6. Parents of students, often remark how boys entering at Year 6 seem to mature quicker than their peers into independent young men, able to organise their time, take responsibility for their learning and meet life’s challenges head-on.

Entrance exams (10+) are required at both schools. To break up the exam day and make it as calm and as interesting as possible, students are invited for the whole day – taking part in activities and given a delicious lunch.

The Whitgift and Trinity schools are part of the Whitgift Foundation in Croydon, which also includes Old Palace. The Foundation educates over 3,000 students per year and also offers one of the biggest bursary funds in the UK, currently offering 44% of students some kind of financial support.

Supplied by The Whitgift Foundation.

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