Protecting What Matters Most

Protecting What Matters Most

Protecting What Matters Most

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It’s not unusual for parents to begin the search for the perfect school even before their child is born. It may take them months, even years, of careful planning, visits and research to select the right place.

Many factors go into the decision-making process; a school is far more than just a place to learn; it is where a child will make friends, explore new activities, form ideas and opinions. In short, it will shape the rest of their lives.

Once a child is settled in a school, losing all that it provides can be truly devastating. It makes sense to protect something so precious.

No one likes to think about serious illness or death. We all assume it won’t happen to us. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to good health. According to Child Bereavement UK, 1 in 29 school age children will be bereaved of a parent. If this was to happen to you or your partner, could you continue to pay the school fees?

“Why would you not want to protect your children from undue loss and trauma? Just as we are required to insure our cars, surely it is our ethical responsibility to insure our children against loss too.”

These are the words of Julie West, who had two children at Warwick Prep School. She sadly lost her husband in 2012 when they were just five and six years old. She was forced to move to a small flat, in a different area, uprooting her children from familiar surroundings. When her children had begun school she and her husband had taken out School Fees Insurance. This paid a pre-selected sum of money directly to the school each term following the death of her husband, allowing the children to stay with friends and teachers who could care for them at this deeply traumatic time.

School was the one constant the children had left in their lives and Julie’s School Fees Insurance means their education is protected until the end of the school year in which they turn 18. “My children’s social and educational lives were maintained and sustained” says Julie. “Losing a father is traumatic and life-altering enough, but to lose a child’s friends, teachers and routine would only have significantly added to their awful loss.”

School Fees Insurance is a unique product, that from as little as £20 a month can protect the most important years of a child’s life. It is easy and simple to take out as no medical underwriting is required. As payments go directly to the school, they will not be taxed or delayed by probate.

To find out more about School Fees Insurance and how it could protect your child’s future visit:

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