Positive Pre Schooling

Positive Pre Schooling

Positive Pre Schooling

Young children are like little sponges, every new word, every new action, every new little discovery enriches their lives for the future. Pre School is the time for your two year old to take their first steps into early years education, and a time where they are at their most impressionable.

Pre School education provides the foundation for learning both socially and academically enabling your child to succeed. By nurturing confidence, resilience, communication, patience, teamwork and independence, positive pre schooling develops fundamental skills for life.

St Peter’s Pre School, nestled in the heart of Park Langley, Beckenham nutures children between the ages of two and five years old. Rated Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ and as a member of the Pre School Learning Alliance St Peter’s are dedicated to creating a safe, fun and stimulating learning environment. By nurturing and inspiring children to develop to their full potential, they are encouraged to explore and challenge themselves through a range of exciting activities carefully planned around the seven areas of development.

Independence plays a key role at St Peter’s, where the children have the opportunity to prepare their own mid-morning healthy snacks and pour out their own drinks. It is amazing what a pre school age child can achieve given the confidence and support.

With a strong belief in learning through exciting, fun play, St Peter’s Pre School incorporates creativity, role playing, singing, music, dance and sports activities to keep their children stimulated and interested. Just to give you an example of what’s on offer, as part of their planned curriculum they run weekly sessions of ‘Tot stars’ multi sports and ‘Project Yogi’ children’s yoga.

St Peter’s Pre School offers 30 hour extended funding and ‘I am 2’ funding for those eligible. You can apply for funding via www.bromley.gov.uk/childcare.

Pre School is so much more than playing. While the basic educational benefits of pre school (such as literacy and numeracy) are tangible, the advances children achieve towards becoming well-rounded individuals are truly invaluable.

St Peter’s Pre School, Beckenham
020 8658 4791 / 07934 900280 / 07940 591067

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