Nurturing the University Transition

Nurturing the University Transition

Nurturing the University Transition

The move to university represents a major life change with all of the excitement, but also some of the worry, that change brings about. As you prepare to make that move, your A Level exams just around the corner and UCAS offers in mind, getting the grades is your main focus (and rightly so). Your grades become your passport to university, to a new way of learning and living, and to future career opportunities.

This move, however, is about more than just the brown envelope in your hand on results day. It may be the first time you have lived away from home, dealing with the challenges that life throws up without your usual support network. With it will come a new set of opportunities: meeting and living with new people; making new friends; joining new clubs; and experiencing new ways of learning. It’s important, therefore, to think about using other skills that will prepare you for university life, to cope with new pressures and thrive in a different, academically challenging environment.

Alongside your academic preparation, it’s worth thinking about the practical and emotional changes a move to university can bring. Some schools provide supplementary programmes for their senior pupils during their final years at school, and also invite their recent alumni back to share their university experiences with pupils as they begin the application process. This type of advice is practical, entertaining and thoughtful, and it is great for pupils to hear first-hand the opportunities that come with joining a new and exciting world at university.

As you move out of school you will find a place for yourself within wider society, and have the opportunity to make a contribution to the community within which you find yourself. You will learn to be self-sufficient, and get used to much less academic and pastoral support than you may have had at school, transforming into a fully independent, completely self-motivated learner.

Trinity School’s A Level Choices and Sixth Form Open Evening takes place on Monday 9 October 2017 from 6.45pm. Please register your attendance by Monday 2 October by contacting Ms Redican on or telephoning the school on 020 8656 9541.

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