Girls schools

Girls schools

Girls tend to show greater levels of motivation and overall trends show young ladies find it easier to succeed in the school environment.

Girls are naturally inquisitive and have a desire to learn. They are usually more mature and focused, tend to collaborate better than boys in class and are much more motivated and organised. Boys can be quite disruptive in class and learn better in active learning sessions rather than listening and learning.

Thriving on varied learning patterns that allow them the ability to apply different learning contexts, a girls-only school creates an environment for young ladies to grow and develop without the pressures and distractions from boys.

Even though we are in the 21st century young ladies continue to face equality challenges, and this style of teaching and pastoral care instills a real ‘can do’ attitude, enabling them to overcome the obstacles and challenges that life will throw at them in the future.

Many independent schools are part of Girls School Day Trust (GDST) or Girls’ Schools Association GSA which provide support and guidance to school Heads to ensure students leave school as confident and inspired young ladies and receive the best education available.

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