Engaging with the great outdoors

Engaging with the great outdoors

Engaging with the great outdoors

For all of us, getting “green-time” promotes positive emotions and natural curiosity. It provides an instant energy boost, improved mental outlook and improved cognitive focus for all ages.

The county of Kent and South London suburbs are becoming popular areas for couples to expand and bring up their families, benefiting from beautiful surroundings, luscious green fields, wonderful smells and being able to enjoy the wonderful nature our country has to offer are the main attractions.

The natural world is highly complex, with lots of places to hide and explore; it is untidy, which may be off-putting for adults, but adds to its attraction for children; and above all it is dynamic, varying from day to day, season to season and year to year. We have to remember that there are many children who do not have the same opportunities to engage with nature whilst at school. According to a National Trust survey, one in three children cannot identify a magpie; half cannot tell the difference between a bee and a wasp; and yet nine out of ten could recognise a Dalek. 21% of today’s children regularly play outside, compared with 71% of their parents and research shows that fewer than one in ten of today’s children have played in a wild place compared to half of their parents’ generation.

In the longer term, continued regular contact with nature brings an increased level of satisfaction with life in general. According to the National Trust, 80% of the happiest people in the UK said that they have a strong connection with the natural world, compared with less than 40% of the unhappiest.

Many families have already relocated to Kent aptly named ‘The Garden of England’ and the South London suburbs because they offer a change of lifestyle. Although some areas can seem quite rural they still offer excellent transport links to the city and international airports. Here at Kent College Pembury, we are fortunate enough to be situated within a beautiful setting in Tunbridge Wells, families are keen to move to this area to enjoy our enviable 75-acre rural parkland location. The journey from central London to Tunbridge Wells, from mainline stations means you can be in central London within the hour and less than an hour away by train there is access to the coast and places of historical interest. For travelling abroad, we are only a 25mile drive from Gatwick international airport and 58miles from Heathrow international airport via the M25.

Escape the urban sprawl and settle down in rural towns where the air is cleaner, life is healthier and you get to enjoy nature at its finest.

Supplied by Kent College Pembury.

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