Co-ed schools

Co-ed schools

Co-educational learning provides a great environment for boys and girls to learn and socialise alongside each other.

For families that are gender top heavy a co-educational environment is perfect for developing healthy relationships with the opposite sex. Not all children follow their gender traits and think like ‘typical’ boys and girls; a co-educational school provides the freedom to develop away from stereotypes that single-sex schools tend to reinforce. A co-ed school is a very natural environment to be taught in as we spend the rest of lives living and working alongside the opposite sex. It also normalises working together and helps diminish those gender stereotypes, while developing great friendships.


Learning together in a co-ed classroom has many benefits for both genders. Boys and girls working together can help develop confidence, communication, assertiveness and interpersonal skills. It can also increase levels of motivation and improve the quality of learning experiences for both boys and girls. Working in mixed pairs and groups challenges them – they have to be more adventurous when talking and learning from each other and they tend to stay on task more.

For these positive reasons, we see more schools in the future converting to co-educational status.

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