Boys schools

Boys schools

Boys are energised and motivated by movement and are far more receptive on a practical level, engaging in active learning sessions.

Boys learn easily through movement and visual experiences and a good school adapts their teaching and learning structure to enable their students to be genuinely more interested, more productive and take more risks generally.

In an education system that focuses heavily on literacy, boys can be disadvantaged at an early age. The subsequent impact on their confidence and self-esteem can have an adverse effect on their motivation to learn.

Boys-only schools allow students the opportunity to grow and develop in an environment that is free from the distractions and intimidation of girls. They feel less self-conscious and have the freedom to participate in more creative activities without pressures of appearance and perceptions.

Young men have the need to be nurtured and by identifying their individual potential, these schools can tailor learning and pastoral care to help their students develop into well-rounded young men, instilling self-esteem and encouraging great academic success.

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