Surviving National Offer Day – Appeal advice

Surviving National Offer Day – Appeal advice

Surviving National Offer Day – Appeal advice

Secondary state school offers are already out there and with the Primary offers recently issued, this is an apprehensive time as it gets more difficult to secure one of those desired school places. It can be tough surviving National Offer Day when the realisation hits home that the best performing state schools are massively oversubscribed.

If you have not been offered a place for your child at your preferred school there are routes you can take. You can appeal and put your child on waiting lists for any other school you have applied for.

Although, no matter how disappointed you feel it is still highly recommended to accept the school place your child has been offered, this will not affect your waiting list position or your appeal. By doing this you will guarantee your child has a school place if no other places become available or if your appeal is unsuccessful. If you don’t accept the school you have been offered the local authority has no obligation to find you a school at all.

The first point of call is to register on schools waiting lists and you can check progress by speaking to the school direct. There is often plenty of movement on these waiting lists as the shuffle for accepting and declining gets into full swing. With senior school places, this shuffle can carry on well into the Summer holidays.

You do have the right to appeal, however, the appeal process can be very stressful. Be prepared and make sure you know your argument why you child should have a place at that school. Nationally, only 22% of school place appeals were successful last year and the Borough of Bromley only upheld 7% of the 123 appeals it heard.

Local authority appeals procedure may vary so it is best to speak direct with the Admissions or Appeals team for your area:

Bromley Admissions Team
020 8313 4044 Email:

Bexley Appeals Admin Manager
020 3045 3599 Email:

Kent Appeals Helpline 03000 414 222 Email:

Lewisham Appeals
020 8314 8577 Email:

Southwark Schools Admissions 020 7525 5337 Email:

Alternatively, you may want to explore opportunities within the Independent education sector, we are lucky enough to have some of the most respected Independent schools within our area. Many schools are selective and require entrance tests and interviews and some offer great scholarship opportunities,The Whitgift Foundation, for example, offers some kind of financial supports to 44% of their students.

For information on Independent Schools open days you can download the latest Independent and Selective school comparison Chart or

Generally, if you have a child willing to learn they will flourish in what ever school they attended. Try not to get too caught up in the school place race, a happy healthy child is what really matters.

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