• If you are considering putting your child forward for the 11+ grammar testing then you will understand the fierce competition and pressure these examinations can cause for 10 year olds and parents alike. The 11+ grammar tests follow the state Primary KS2 SATs, these SATs results are used to track your child’s progress, but they…

  • With most subjects now overhauled and exams taken at the end of the course there’s even more pressure on students to adopt effective revision tactics. This summer sees the first new A level exams and the return of traditional three-hour papers in some subjects. They are designed to be tougher with less coursework and more…

  • For all of us, getting “green-time” promotes positive emotions and natural curiosity. It provides an instant energy boost, improved mental outlook and improved cognitive focus for all ages. The county of Kent and South London suburbs are becoming popular areas for couples to expand and bring up their families, benefiting from beautiful surroundings, luscious green…

  • The new year marks a fresh frenzy of parents desperately trying to secure a place at the best school for their children, waiting in anticipation for state Secondary offer letters out 1st March and Primary offers out 18th April. In the UK we have become obsessed in securing a top state school place and the…

  • The importance of maintaining good physical health is something we all understand. We may not always choose to follow the lifestyle rules but certainly most of us know what we ‘should’ be doing. When it comes to mental health, however, we tend to wait for symptoms or warning signs to arise before considering the health…

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  • Should I choose a preparatory school for my child? Do they really offer more than a local primary school? The answer to both of these questions is ‘Yes’. As their name suggests, the role of preparatory schools is to prepare your child for their entrance into senior education, so don’t be surprised to see a…

  • Last Summer Nik Pears joined Kent College Pembury as the new Head of Prep. We find out more about Nik – what makes him tick and what plans he has for Kent College Prep School.

  • Schools join together to perform Requiem at Otford Church Russell House Chamber Choir joined with the senior choir and orchestra from Kent College Pembury in a stunning concert held first at St Bartholomew’s Church in Otford and then in the Countess of Wessex Theatre, Kent College. The concert, which was the first of such collaborations…

  • “Just be you, just be great, just be fabulous” pronounced the inspirational journalist and broadcaster and Blackheath High School alumna Charlene White. Blackheath High School students were delighted to welcome Ms White back to the school to deliver a lecture as part of the school’s academic enrichment programme ‘Wollstonecraft’, named after the 18th century writer,…

  • I am very fortunate to have taught in four independent schools, three of which were girls only, with absolutely superb Sixth Forms (Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls, North London Collegiate School and its sister school in Jeju and now, of course, Blackheath High). It mystifies me when I hear talk about the decline of single-sex…

  • Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan have come and gone but the impact of successive Secretaries of State for Education on examination reform may only just be becoming apparent to parents and pupils. GCSE reforms have been introduced piecemeal and it is now the responsibility of schools to navigate a clear path for pupils through the…

  • “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” Nelson Mandela It is increasingly important that young people study a language other than their native tongue when at school. Technology tools can help with…

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  • Co-ed schools

    Co-educational learning provides a great environment for boys and girls to learn and socialise alongside each other.

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  • Boys schools

    Boys are energised and motivated by movement and are far more receptive on a practical level, engaging in active learning sessions.

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  • Girls schools

    Girls tend to show greater levels of motivation and overall trends show girls find it easier to succeed in the school environment.

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