• The figures for the engagement of women in careers in Science and Technology are stark. Research published earlier this year revealed that women make up only 14.4% of those engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers in the UK.

  • The BBC Parents’ website offers advice for ‘Making the Most of School Open Days.’ Amongst the top ten tips are ‘Find out about the lunch’ and ‘Pay attention to the pupils.’ Wise advice, no doubt, but nowhere is there any mention of the curriculum. The curriculum matters. What is actually taught, day in day out,…

  • There is an on-going debate amongst educationalists and in the media generally about young people’s participation in sport and whether or not schools do enough particularly to encourage girls to get active.

  • Young children are like little sponges, every new word, every new action, every new little discovery enriches their lives for the future. Pre School is the time for your two year old to take their first steps into early years education, and a time where they are at their most impressionable.

  • Henri Matisse said that ‘Creativity takes courage.’ Just as significantly, creativity in the curriculum inspires courage in young learners. In a world where the landscape of traditional professions is set to be transformed by the ever advancing march of technology, we need to enable our pupils to become innovative and creative thinkers, at ease with…

  • In an increasingly sophisticated and fluid job market, schools will have to adapt their thinking to prepare their students for an uncertain future. The landscape of the traditional labour market has shifted, the era of the lifelong career is changing, there is a shift from corporate career ladders to project based careers. We have to…

  • Correctly drafted wills are key to managing assets for the future financial security of your family and you should make sure they are regularly updated as your family grows and develops. With relation to young families, one aspect of will writing that often gets overlooked is the question of guardianship for children, should both parents…

  • The move to university represents a major life change with all of the excitement, but also some of the worry, that change brings about. As you prepare to make that move, your A Level exams just around the corner and UCAS offers in mind, getting the grades is your main focus (and rightly so). Your…

  • Homework has been with us for as long as we have had schools and it seems always to have been the subject of debate. Yet even in the relatively recent past, homework was not as universal as it is now. Only twenty years ago, just 60% primary schools made their pupils do homework but as…

    Bromley High School, homework article, surviving national offer day
  • When your child is busy with homework and after-school activities it is tempting to wait until the last few months to concentrate on preparation for these tests – but this can be a mistake. Building familiarity takes time Despite all the stories about new tests that cannot be revised for, we are all aware that…

  • If you are considering putting your child forward for the 11+ grammar testing then you will understand the fierce competition and pressure these examinations can cause for 10 year olds and parents alike. The 11+ grammar tests follow the state Primary KS2 SATs, these SATs results are used to track your child’s progress, but they…

  • With most subjects now overhauled and exams taken at the end of the course there’s even more pressure on students to adopt effective revision tactics. This summer sees the first new A level exams and the return of traditional three-hour papers in some subjects. They are designed to be tougher with less coursework and more…

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  • Co-ed schools

    Co-educational learning provides a great environment for boys and girls to learn and socialise alongside each other.

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  • Boys schools

    Boys are energised and motivated by movement and are far more receptive on a practical level, engaging in active learning sessions.

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  • Girls schools

    Girls tend to show greater levels of motivation and overall trends show girls find it easier to succeed in the school environment.

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